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Stages, Round Count, and Ammo info



2018 Stages will be released at date that is TBD but will be very close to the match dates.  

2018 Round Count & Ammo Shipments

The design limits for round count are listed below but there are options in many stages that make it impossible for us to project what your round count needs will be.  We suggest bringing more for both misses and to account for choices one might make in their stage plans.

Rifle 250    Pistol 250   Bird 150    Slug 30

Ammo Information

NO STEEL CORE or Bi-Metal Jacket Ammo.  If a magnet sticks to your bullet you are done for the weekend.  This includes all ammo in your possession, you can't use it so don't bring it.  (This is a hard and fast rule at the range). 

From the match Rules:
3.4    Ammunition containing tracer, incendiary, armor piercing, steel jacketed or steel/tungsten/penetrator core projectiles is unsafe and prohibited.    
3.5    No bi-metal ammunition is permitted.  Bi-metal is the less expensive Full Metal Jacket made with a lead center, steel jacket, and a copper wash making it appear like the standard lead/copper full metal jacket accepted at most ranges.
3.6    Magnets may be used to inspect ammo at any time while on the venue property.  Participants found in violation of possessing/using ammo prohibited in 3.4 and 3.5 will receive a Match DQ and will not receive a refund.  Do not bring prohibited ammo to the event. 

Ammo Shipments
We are happy to accept ammo shipments for you, provided the box is clearly marked with TX3G and your name.

Hayes Custom Attn: TX3G "your name"
126 Holmes Rd Ste 23
Liberty Hill, TX  78642